COMPLETE ESTATE SALE SERVICES is a family owned and operated business serving San Antonio, Bexar and surrounding counties. We are based in Pleasanton, Texas just a short drive south of San Antonio.


There are other companies that offer similar estate sale services in and around the San Antonio area and all of the qualified ones are priced about the same. The few important reasons to choose one company over another are basically this:

  • Their knowledge of the entire sale process, including collectibles and antiques.
  • Their ability to manage the process and bring you the best returns from the sale.
  • Their integrity and your personal comfort level with the people that you turn your belongings over to.

Our hope is that you will allow us to meet with you and evaluate how we can best serve your estate sale needs.


It's simple really.

We believe in small town values, open communication, hard work and giving good quality service at a fair price.

We also believe that if you need help with the liquidation of estate items, you will be completely satisfied with our commitment, flexibility and customer service.